maandag 1 februari 2010

Woow, mooi!

Little things
Get easily lost
Easily broken
Easily disregarded
Thrown by the wayside
To the curbside
Childhood memories
Of little toy planes
Held between two fingers
Chasing the clouds away
Of little plastic animals
Conversing in a garden of childhood bliss
And later than
A lover's trinket
Cherished once like a diamond rare
Do we still care?
if everything fell to ruin today
What would you like to spare?
Little things
Easily overlooked
In these hectic times
Where our schedules are overbooked
Hold on to them
They are your memories
Footnotes rife
With moments past
Lessons learned
Bookmarks of your life
Protect them
Like treasures golden
More valuable then riches
Which cannot buy back precious moments
Display them proudly
Shine a light on them
So that when the night is the darkest
When everything else has faded
When all those memories seem so far
They'll guiding you back
To who you are

Thorsten Becker

Het gedicht heeft mij geinspireerd om straks mijn eerst gebreide creatie (lagere school, zeker 45 :) jaar oud) in het zicht te zetten. Ik ga zo snel mogelijk een foto daarvan maken.

Geniet van je dag!

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